Specializing in Power and Longer Drives

Although I teach all aspects of the game, my speciality is power. I teach power swing techniques,
strength, flexibility and speed exercises.

Recent Events

The 2014 Desert Launch was one of the toughest fields we will face all year. Winning the tournament by
21 yards with a drive of 409 yards felt really good. Great start to the year!

Upcoming Events

I am really looking forward to the 2014 Endless Summer Invitational. I was the #1 seed heading in to the
finals the last time the event was held. Planning on putting my best foot forward this year and winning it!
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Amazing New Shafts!- House of Forged 59

I am currently hitting the new House of Forged 59 shaft. These shafts CPM at the highest frequency
available from the company and are a blast to hit, literally. I putt HOF shafts in the bag in 2010, and have
never looked back! That's just how good they are. Thanks to Robert Kent, CEO of HOF for hand picking
some of the best shafts on earth for me.

For more info on HOF, just click the links at the top right hand side of the page or contact me direct.
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About Founder and President Joshua Crews, MBA

It is important to get to know your pro before either hiring a Long Drive Professional or embarking on a
strategic advertising campaign.

Joshua Crews has firmly established himself as one of the longest drivers on the planet. His longest
official drive in competition for 2012 is 459 yards. In addition to an impressive Tour career, Joshua has
also had the opportunity to touch lives throughout the US through both raising money for charity events
and headlining at corporate events and outings.

Joshua is also an MBA Graduate from Sam Houston State University's School of Business and is an
expert in golf specific marketing and advertising.

"Golf specific marketing and advertising is not just aimed at reaching GOLFERS in GOLF print, radio and
television ads. It is also aimed at reaching GOLFERS
and taking advantage of their love, fascination, etc
for the game of golf in promotions in other industries. For example, one of my recent ventures is the
development of an advertising campaign for a leading auto manufacturer. It highlights the perks and
options of the vehicle model through relating it to golf shots, as well as providing expert visuals (I.E. trick
shots). It is all done in one take and is quite a gem."

Joshua Crews can hit golf shots no one else on the planet can. He has added new displays of power
and precision for his routine for the 2014 season. "I have worked hard on several new shots that no
other golfer can hit. I am excited to give golfers an up close and personal look at them this year."
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Lightning Speed: His club head speed is
faster than the average PGA Tour ball speed...
LD Fastest Ball in Sports: His ball speed is
faster than the average NASCAR...
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Josh "Superman" Crews,
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"Unparalleled Golf Entertainment for Any AGE!"
"He swings the
club faster than I
have ever seen
ANYONE swing

- Jeff Bagwell
MLB Legend
Houston Astros

"Josh has the
physical talent
of Tiger Woods."

- Steve Williams
Master Golf Pro
Selected as one of
the Top 60 Teaching
Pros in the World by
the World Golf
& Popular
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Most Recent News: JOSH
CREWS- Winner of the Desert

"I feel very privileged to have bested such
an incredible field to win the 2014 Desert
Launch. I thank God that i was able to
perform well, and that I was able to see so
many great friends. Thanks to my girlfriend,
family, friends, LDA (including all the grid
workers and volunteers), Re/Max, Mesquite
and of course my wonderful sponsors:
Callaway, House of Forged, Loudmouth,
Tornado Tee and Pure Grips."

Great start to the 2014 Long Drive Season.
Won by 21 yards over second place with a
bomb of 409 yards. This is going to be a fun
With Houston Texans Cheerleaders and Andre
Johnson at recent celebrity tournament.
Signing autographs at a recent outing.